Road Safety

The children are enjoying learning about how to stay safe when crossing the road. The children have carried out the Stage 1 road Safety unit this week.

Day 1 -They learnt about the importance of the pavement and the kerb.

Day 2 – They learnt about when and where to stop.

Day 3 – They learnt about looking and listening.

Day 4 – They learn how to cross the road safely.

Each day the children have a carpet session followed by a practical activity at the roadside.

PDSA Visit

This morning we were very lucky to get a visit from Kylie who works at the PDSA. She explained to us what the initials stood for and what they do to help pets. After the assembly we went to help Kylie with the things that we need to help look after our pets and put with the correct animal . See if you can remember the 5 things we needed ?